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FAQ - frequently asked questions

The FAQ will be developed as we get relevant question in...

Question: Do you have any plans of a user's gallery?
JRN: Maybe in the future. For now, however, I think that sites like CoolMiniOrNot are great places for hobbyists to share pictures of their painted miniatures.

Question: A tutorial on Rune Kappel's Miniature Painting CDrom features a Gladiator by Runic Miniatures - can the miniature be purchased?
JRN: No, the miniature cannot be purchased. I created the miniature as an exclusive limited edition model for the Danish convention WarCon '05.

Question: I represent an independent hobbyshop / a webshop / a distributor. How can we sell your miniatures?
JRN: Currently, I am working on locating suppliers of blister packs, foam, as well as designing the product information sheet for the blister. Before these things are sorted out you cannot - unfortunately - sell our miniatures. Also, I want to develope the range a little more before starting up trade sales.

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