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The links on this page contains links to other miniature companies, painters, forums, and other hobby-related websites. If your website is listed here and you do not want it to be then please contact me and the link will be removed.

Miniatures-related Forums

- places to discuss miniatures, miniature painting, and the hobby in general:

- the World Wide Web's biggest miniature painting website.
CMON has its own discussion forum. forum
- a Danish hobby forum both gaming- and painting-related.

Figure painting Websites

- Check out the websites of some of the top artists in the hobby:

Allan C
- website of Allan Carrasco. Sculptor, painter - a very talented competition painter.

- website of Jérémie Bonamant Teboul. Jérémie is a long-time regular at both the French, German, and UK Golden Demon!

Dragon Forge Design
- website of Jeff Wilhelm. Apart from being a great painter, sculptor, and scenery man Jeff also produces the nicest wooden display bases.

- my own personal website. A large gallery featuring painted miniatures and a useful Tutorials section.

Kaple Minis
- website of Rune Kappel. Rune is a very skilled painter who creates top quality miniatures, pictures, and tutorials. Tjeck out his Miniature Painting CD.

Paintrix Miniatures
- website of Jenifer Haley. Jenifer is an extremely talented nmm painter having won countless Golden Demons at US Games Days.

The Miniature World of Joe Videki
- Joe Videki's pursuit of "realism in minature" applied to both historical, fantasy and SF miniatures.

Other Miniatures Companies

- There are always more figures to paint. Check out the minis from the ranges of:

Black Scorpion Miniatures
- Adam Clarke's miniature company. Tjeck out his "Desolation Row"-series.

Dark Age
- based on the vision of American artist Gerald Brom the Dark Age miniature range features a mix of the fantastic and the grotesque.

Femme Militant
- 40 mm resin miniatures based on the vision of John Blanche.

Freebooter Miniatures
- Werner Klocke's miniature company. Lots of great miniatures - in particular some fantastic yet subtle females.

Games Workshop
- or Citadel miniatures. The big company in the hobby. Great miniatures, background stories, and two grand gaming universes.

Hasslefree Miniatures
- Kevin and Sally White's miniature company. A large range with lots of great sculpts. Very inspirational.

Heresy Miniatures
- multi-part miniatures, monsters, and big "don't-mess-with-me"-barbarians by Andy Foster.

Perry Miniatures
- historical miniatures by the famous Perry Twins.

Reaper Miniatures
- several miniatures ranges with lots of figures.

- a skirmish game set in a steampunk fantasy world with some really cool miniatures.

Wyrd Miniatures
- 'heroic' 32 mm fantasy/SF miniatures.

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