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Ordering - how to buy Runic Miniatures

Models from Runic Miniatures can be purchased directly from this website.

The PayPal shopping Cart solution
The payment on our website is facilitated by PayPal and also allows you to pay with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) if you don't have a PayPal account.

To purchase miniatures from our website simply click on the Add to Cart-button next to the miniature you want. This will result in another window opening on your screen taking you to Runic Miniatures' PayPal store where you can pay. Alternatively, you can return to our Shop and add more products to your order before checking out.

You can always inspect the contents of your Shopping Cart by clicking on the View Cart-button to your left. When you decide to 'check out' in the PayPal store the costs for shipping (which also includes packaging and handling) will be added to the order. When the transaction is finished you will get an email confirming your purchase and your order will be packed for shipping.

- Please do note that if you add items to the PayPal shopping Cart but do NOT check out and purchase the products, the PayPal Shopping Cart will probably remember the items next time you plan to purchase items from our website. Also, if you are using a pop-up-blocker with your browser you might need to turn it off to make the PayPal Shopping Cart work.

Shipping prices and estimated arrival times
For shipping and packaging costs we charge a flat amount of 4 EURO for all orders.

Since Runic Miniatures is a small company we usually collect orders over a couple of days and go to the post office once or twice a week. We estimate European orders to arrive within 4-10 days after your purchase, while orders for the rest of the world should take from 10-20 days to reach you (assuming that we have got the miniatures in stock). However, please do allow 28 days from payment for delivery, although - as mentioned - it should be at lot quicker in most cases.

Being a small business we do not yet have fancy blister packs like the bigger companies. Your miniatures get packed in zip-lock plastic bags. Small orders of metal figures will be posted using a bubble-wrap enforced envelope for the protection of your product, while resin orders and bigger orders are packed in a sturdy cardboard box.
The invoice will be included in the envelope/cardboard box.

Currency issues and pricing
As it can be seen our prices are in EURO. However, should your National currency (or that of your PayPal account) be something other than EURO the prices will be converted in the PayPal store. If you would like to see how our prices convert into your National currency, you can find help at this website:

Refund/replacement policy
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace or refund your product as appropriate. We ask that you contact Runic Miniatures within 14 days of delivery for any such claim (see Contact). If you want a product replaced or refunded you will need to send back the product (at your costs) before a refund or a product replacement will be arranged.

All models and images contained in this website and its respective pages are copyright Runic Miniatures 2006-2007 and cannot be used, recreated, or sold without our written consent. The domain rights for the website are the exclusive property of Runic Miniatures.