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My Miniatures can be purchased directly from this website. The Shop uses PayPal Shopping Cart which also allows you to pay with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) if you don't have a PayPal account.
Please take a moment to read the Ordering-section before placing your order.

To see photos of the miniatures just click on the thumb-nail images below.


The Little Bag
- Princess and Knight

The Little Bag - Princess and Knight.

Price: 18 EURO

The Goblin Bag
- 3 goblins

The goblin Bag - 3 goblins.

Price: 15 EURO

The BIG Bag
- 6 figures

The BIG bag - 6 runic minis.

Price: 25 EURO

Single Models

Little Knight

Little Knight, 2011

Price: 10 EURO

Little Princess

Little Princess, 2010

Price: 10 EURO

Little BIG Puppy

Little BIG Puppy, 2011

Price: 10 EURO

Ragny Toadbreath

Ragny Toadbreath, 2007

Price: 7.5 EURO

Anya - SF chick

Anya - SF chick,  2005

Price: 7.5 EURO

Lisa - futuristic ninja girl

Lisa - futuristic ninja girl, 2005

Price: 7.5 EURO

Skragg - Orc Brute

Skragg - Orc Brute, 2006

Price: 8.5 EURO

Snirk - Goblin Ruffian

Snirk - Goblin Ruffian, 2006

Price: 7.5 EURO

Nitti - goblin judge assistant

Nitti - Goblin Judge Assistant, 2006

Price: 7.5 EURO

King Christian IV

King Christian IV, 2006

Limited Edition
Master Miniature.
-sold out!

Tas t'Eve - the Seer

The Seer, 2005

The figure has
been discontinued.

All miniatures come unpainted and are each supplied with a round plastic base.
Scenic details shown in the presentation photos are not included.

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